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Book rating rules

on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 18:43

I read quite a lot. And I provide reviews on most of them. Most are posted at my Goodreads profile page (and Goodreads then cross-posts them to Amazon). You can see my latest reads in the block on the side of this page.

(I'm a bit ashamed my reviews aren't more extensive; I'm not a good keeper-of-notes while I read, and I'm usually on to the next one by the time I get to writing a review for a prior one, so I don't always have the full recollection of what's in the past-read book.)

I do try to use the star same rating system on each one. It's not original to me, though I can't recall any more who I copied.

Here's my rules:

  • Five stars is when you read a book to the end, put it down, take a deep breath, pick it up and start reading it all over again - or you would if you weren't so anxious to read the next book in a multi-book series. Or, it's simply really good.
  • Four stars is when you tell yourself : ”This is good, this is well-written, this is full of interesting ideas/characters/plot points”, but you know you will never read it again.
  • Three stars is when you read it to the end, put it down and proceed to forget all about it in the next instant.
  • Two stars when it's so bad that it makes you laugh, or sigh, and want to write a review, but you can't remember the name of the book or dislike it so much that you don't.
  • One star when you can't read past chapter 3, even as penance for your sins.

I put it here so I can link to it when I do reviews in the future.

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