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dj shuze (DJ name now deprecated): Turkey Podcast

on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 15:20

I took the opportunity of a lazy, day-after-Thanksgiving Friday morning to pull together a few tunes into a new podcast episode.  As usual, it's available on iTunes (the one dated 11/25/11). If you like it, please be sure to rate it in the iTunes store.

It was kind of a low-energy day for me, so the track selection reflects it. They're still deep & bassy, but they're mostly in a minor key, and definitely more introspective than energy-generating. I don't think it edges over into melancholy, but you'd have thought I did this on a cloudy day. (It wasn't; the day was beautiful).

Still, I'm pretty happy with it. And this was more or less "live" - one take, unedited, with track selection mostly on the fly.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. Good News - Original Mix (Here Today)
  2. Runaway - Original Mix (Moodyman). This is out of the archives; Moodyman hasn't done much new stuff in the last few years. The minor key, and the ethereal nature of it, seemed to fit nicely.
  3. Just Like Heaven - Original Mix (Lawrence)
  4. Just The Kind of Girl - Original Mix (Jimpster). This comes from Jimpster, who mostly releases stuff under Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly label. This track also snuck in (see my next comment.)
  5. Bright Star - Sunset Mix (Ben Watt, Stimming, Julia Biel). I'm spinning less Ben Watt stuff these days; he has a distinct sound, and I used to be almost stuck in it. Now I'm not; but this is enough like his style, yet enough unlike it (clearly coming from Stimming) that I found a place for it.
  6. Deliver Me - Original Mix (Motorcitysoul). I love the few of tracks I have from Motorcitysoul. I need to dig deeper & find more. The transition out of this is one I wish I could do again; I cut it too quickly at the end, and should have faded a bit less aggressively.
  7. Kicks - Original Mix (Nivek Tsoy)
  8. In My Spell - Original Mix (HiRO)
  9. Fool Me Once - Original Mix (Kevin Yost)
  10. Chicago Kiss - Original Mix (Chanson E)

Hope you enjoy.

(PS - I've been keeping my podcasts just under an hour. I've noted that some of my other DJ buddies feel free to run theirs to several hours. What do people think; would you like them longer, or are the 1-hour versions properly bite-sized?)

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