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catalyst: soft thump

on Mon, 11/20/2017 - 20:47

Recorded live at Dogglounge Internet Radio on 19 Dec 2017.

I loved the sound in a the kick drum from a couple of the tunes in the November podcast by Shur-I-Kan. The sound is like what a kick sounds like when a drummer puts a pillow into the drum cavity of a kick. It sounds more like (wait for it ...) a soft thump than a crisp, hard kick. So I tried to put together a bunch of songs that shared that characteristic. I picked roughly half the songs in the 30 minutes before the set started (partly by simply choosing some of the same ones Shur-I-Kan played, then riffed on the idea), and the rest during the set.

Thanks to all the people in chat at Dogglounge during live broadcasts.