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Amazon, and his dream health club

on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 15:02

Drupalcon Szeged 2008. Kieran and I are walking to meet some Drupalers at a patio bar, and I spot a sign for a fitness studio.

Just. Too. Hard. To. Resist.

(Note: the sign is real; the photo of Kieran under it is real. What's not real is the time each photo was taken. The photo of Kieran was taken at midnight, and the sign just didn't have enough light to photograph without a flash (on my iPhone.) So I came back the next day and took a fresh photo of the sign, and Photoshopped the daytime sign in at the position the sign is in the nighttime picture. So yes, this photo is real. Ish.)

(Oh, it

Don't be in the bar when these guys are drunk and hankering for a fight

on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 14:41

Traveling from Boston to Hungary for Drupalcon, I flew threw Paris CDG. These guys were on my second leg flight (CDG>BUD). They caught my eye first on the shuttle from the terminal to the plane, and then they sat as a group in the plane.

At first I thought they were rough ne'er-do-wells that had been hired as schwag-hander-outers (or other temporary labor) by Lotto for some event, and were traveling there. Wrong.... After a bit more watching, I dropped that idea, but was still struck by what appeared to be a serious streak of roughhousing in the guys.

A View From The Aged

on Fri, 08/22/2008 - 15:56

Your perspective changes as the years go by.

Spend a day in a foreign country and find a way to converse with locals about some interesting thing about the country.

A young person will say about that day: Today I learned a lot about ...."

Somebody a couple of decades older will say about that day: Today I learned a little about ...."


Signed: Me, sounding like everyone's father.

The 2008 TdF was great. Now what?

on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 14:21

The Tour is the most exciting sports event of the year for me. I follow each day's stage with keen interest. It's a wonderful event to be a fan of, because it's such a long-lasting high. In contrast to the Super Bowl (which I do watch and love), the TdF gives you the gratification of competition for three straight weeks.

When the winner is announced (congratulations, Carlos!), it's all exciting and is the ultimate achievement. And all that's great.

But, the day after - today - the "What now?" feeling starts to appear.

I already miss coming in to work, opening my browser to the live coverage


The end of the ProTour. Love live Pro Cycling

on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 18:26

I've said before (look for the comment from "Jay") that I think the problem with the governing body of Cycling (the UCI) is it's leader - Pat McGovern.  It's clear that he sees the UCI as a body that needs to be accountable to nobody except itself.

A governing body only governs to the extent those who are governed are willing to accept the governance.  Clearly, professional cycling teams are no longer willing to accept the governance as it stands.

Change is needed....

The question is whether the institution of the UCI will figure out that the problem is in the way it's leader governs, and