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on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 04:03

Four+ years ago, I saw my first copy of VeloNews on the news stand at Belmont Cycleworks. It was full of shiny pictures of the pro peleton, all the high-end bike porn I could consume. I was in love.

I ordered my first subscription to the magazine almost immediately.

I grew to like many things about it. With each new issue, the first thing I do is open the magazine and find the 2-3 double-page photo spreads of pro cycling races from all over the world, from Europe to Australia, North America to Africa.


Verizon FIOS - Motorola DCT700 ReplayTV

on Sun, 11/15/2009 - 05:41

I have no idea whether anybody anywhere needs this blog post.  It's obscure.

But Google indexes EVERYTHING.  So here you go - hopefully, somewhere needs this.

I just got FIOS (giving up my Comcast in the process).  I also own (happily, and sadly) a ReplayTV model 5000.  And I needed to get the ReplayTV to work with the FIOS setup.

ReplayTV, not TiVo? Yeah, I know. However, at the time I bought the ReplayTV it was a little like - like VHS / Beta - nobody knew who would win. I picked the ReplayTV because it had two things going for it:

  1. It had a bigger hard drive for the price.

Migrated to Acquia hosting. Time to re-start blogging

on Wed, 10/28/2009 - 18:51

Well, I've been silent for a while (a) because I'm not a prolific blogger (though I've become a prolific Tweeter @batsonjay ), and (b) because I've been wanting to migrate my site to Acquia Hosting.  As Acquia's Founder, I thought I better use our products.  Until now, this blog had been hosted at a third-party hosting company.

I started the process months ago; but stopped before I finished.  And, as is with all cobbler's children, I didn't really take the time to take care of my site - vs. our customers', etc.

One solution to the "consumer credit crisis"

on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 14:27

The mainstream media says there's another financial crisis looming: Consumer Credit.  The claim is that consumers are way over-extended, and that people buy too much stuff on credit.

So, one way to handle this is to do for credit cards sleeves what tobacco health warnings did on cigarette packaging.  Thanks to Francis Luu for the idea.

(Of course, this presumes people would see this, and <strong>think</strong> about what it says.  There isn't any evidence that people think well when faced with a "want.")

All your content belong to us. Now.

on Tue, 06/30/2009 - 14:56

This gives me pause. Does it you?

I was trying to access a designer-oriented website called Computerlove. It was down. (Various programming errors.) For the heck of it, I Googled the site to double-check the URL. Yup - still down when I clicked through from Google.

Then I succumbed to the urge of simply looking at the Cached page on Google. Google had a fresh page from only a couple of hours previously!

Does the fact that Google has a copy of all the content they crawl -- all your content that is as current as this strike any of you as slightly troubling?