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Harpooning the Whale

on Mon, 06/18/2012 - 14:43

Last Saturday I rode the 2012 edition of the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery (B2B) ride.  This was my fifth time doing it.  It's one of those rides that I both love, and hate: love because after the fact I feel a good sense of accomplishment having done, and hate - especially in the last couple of hours of the ride and the day or two after - because it is painful. Typically, every year, I finish and say "That's the last time I'm doing that ride."  A week later, I'm starting to think about training for the next one.

The ride is long - 148 miles - with about 7,000 feet of vertical.


Making Cycling History at DeRonde

on Sat, 04/07/2012 - 12:50

Key memories in life are formed when you must go thru extreme difficulties, whether by accident or choice. If you're lucky, some memories will cross an invisible line and become history, sometimes yours, sometimes part of a history that is bigger than you. I'm pretty sure that I and some good friends just became part of (some) history, having ridden the 2012 Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclosportive.

The professional cycling sport has a set of races every year held in the same spring dates that together are called the Spring Classics (often split into the Cobbled Classics and Ardennes Classics).

People are Everything

on Fri, 04/06/2012 - 22:41

The people you encounter as you patronize a business almost completely shape your happiness with the encounter.  And I'm of the school that says it starts at the top.

Today I ate breakfast at Giraffe - a restaurant in Terminal 5 of London's Heathrow airport.  I liked this place, and will now change my LHR habit to stop here every time.

Why? The people.

The staff immediately put a smile on my face.  They all had just the right amount, and kind of energy.  Despite the fact that it was 7:30 am, they were all moving quickly, yet without making it feel rushed.

Book Review: Urbis Morpheus

on Tue, 03/27/2012 - 21:25

Urbis MorpheosUrbis Morpheos by Stephen Palmer

Well, this has to be the most unusual book I've read in the last couple of years. For context, I've read 113 books since April 2009 (when I started buying on Kindle, so this is the total Amazon gives me). I probably haven't read more than 5 non-SciFi books (and 1 non-Kindle book) in that time; so I've read a reasonable amount of SciFi, mostly from the authors you'd see as mainstream - Neal Stephenson, Richard Morgan, Charles Stross, Peter Hamilton, Ian Banks, Robert Charles Wilson, etc.

Stephen Palmer is at a Whole Nutha' Level.


Drupalcon 2012 DJ set

on Mon, 03/26/2012 - 16:12

Well, I found myself with an opportunity to spin tunes at the Denver 2012 Drupalcon conference party. Yes, Acquia (my company) sponsored it. So maybe it's no coincidence that I got the gig.... Nonetheless, I did need to get past the organizing committee (which means my style couldn't suck; but I didn't need to be a big-name guy, either. Lucky thing....)

And, let me just say it: I had a blast.  There were nearly 2,000 people in the party, and that's the most I've ever played in front of.

I played from 7:30pm to 1:15am.  I had only expected (and planned) to play about 3 hours.